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     Yeah, I just skipped right through winter apparently.  I've been really busy with various projects, and am now getting to work. I have several projects that I am going to be working on, mainly for the festival this summer - Fêtes de la Nouvelle France (in Quebec City). Here are some of the dresses I'd like to make...                 
 Sheer polka-dotted
overdress with lace

I just found the fabric and now I just
HAVE to make it!  Not to mention
the general awesomeness of the
hat, but I have one quite similar that
I might just modify for the event - It
has the upward pouffe and the band
of flowers around the crown, but also
a band of ruffles along the edge of
the brim which I might replace with
a lovely ribbon trim of some sort.
The overdress is an interesting
addition to a simple style dress and
jazzes it up a little. I like the idea of
being able to change an outfit by
adding an extra layer on top.

Pink Anglaise
This outfit could be viewed in the same way the above sheer overdress, as something to slip on over a simpler style dress, or as a more "official" Anglaise. I think for this one, I would make it an Anglaise, to limit the number of layers I would have to wear. I usually wear these dresses in the midst of summer, in blistering heat (usually about 35 degrees Celsius). I could see this in a lovely shade of pink silk, and green and pink silk ribbon embroidery on the skirt. This is particularly amusing to me, as I've never actually done ribbon embroidery and it would look quite stunning. I also like the button detail on the stomacher section. I would make it the actual opening of the dress and perhaps put two rows of buttons for the simple reason of frivolity. I also quite enjoy the little pinked sleeves over the white ones.

I've found some delightful striped fabric
(pictured at left) that I can no longer leave on
the shelf, going to waste. The beige stripes are
a little more yellow than they appear in the picture,
and the thin brown and blue stripes are woven
in a silky manner, so they appear shinier than
the rest of the fabric. It's absolutely stunning! I
can't wait to pick out lace and trims for this one.
I think it will most likely be a Robe à la Française,
with the lovely "Watteau pleats" in the back, which
was popular from 1720 to 1760, albeit in various
forms, having seen a few transformations:

Long loose gown with cuffed sleeves with ruffled lace;
Not very decorated.

1740-50: Tight bodice, huge paniers suppording a wide skirt;
tight sleeves; very elaborate stomacher; Cuffed sleeves with
ruffled lace.

1760: Still a tight bodice, heavily decorated as well as the dress;
tight sleeves, no cuffs, layers of lace with a bow at the elbow;
Elaborately decorated petticoat.

I'll be using one of the patterns from Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion: 1660-1860", most
likely the one from 1770 Snowshill Manor (pp. 34-35). What a lovely book! I also oftene refer
myself to John Peacock's "Costume - 1066 to the Present" (aka - the shameful 80s) as he has
many sketches with lovely details I like so much. When dealing with later 18th century clothing,
I tend to go for "Eighteenth-Century French Fashions from the Galerie des Modes: 1778-1787".
It's a lovely book I got on, it is in full colour, and the captions are to die for. Some
of them are really hilarious!

        A few of my favorite resources:

I've noticed however, that this fabric is SO GOSH DARN similar to the one used in
The Duchess for an Anglaise dress! The resemblance is uncanny!!

In the last picture, the dress on the right is a Française-style dress, proving furthermore that
this fabric would be perfectly suited for this dress. ha ha  I can't wait to get started. I also like
the idea that the trim around the dress is made from the same fabric, but ruched and then also
decorated with some lace. How perfectly lovely! (But you have to admit that my fabric
resembles the one from Keira Knightley's dress in a spooky kinda way)

Some fabric from my stash!

Pink cotton with Burgundy flocking
Don't quite know what I'm going to make with this yet, but it's going to be pouffy.


Green and purple moiré changeable
embroidered taffeta
Probably going to be used for another Française
gown. The effect of the changing colours is
I can just imagine the
rows and rows of ruffled lace
everywhere! *Squeeee*!!!

Sheer polka-dotted fabric for an overdress
(Shown over a white piece of paper... not really exciting in this photo... but it will be when I'm done with it!)

Olive green taffeta
I don't really know what this one will be used
for either, except probably an Anglaise gown
of some sort, similar to that of   the character

Barbara Spooner in "Amazing Grace"

Cornsilk-coloured velvet
I'm so in lurrrrrrrve with this fabric, it's unbelieveable! I really want to make a hunting coat with this...

Cotton-ish vine printed fabric
(with gold details)

I really have no clue what to do with this one.
I've had it for a while (like, two years), and
still don't know. Something will come up I'm sure.

Jacquard with gold-coloured feather design
I have no idea what to make with this, it's just purdy.

Black shantung with black flocked
damask pattern

This fabric will be used to make an 18th century
mourning gown
which is presently being designed
by a friend. Expect to see a large hat, and lots of
black lace.

Dark jacquard with floral design
I was thinking of using this fabric to make a vest to go under a rust-coloured riding habit I've been working on.

Light jacquard with floral design
Basically the same design as the dark one,
except with a light background, and pink
tones rather than rust.

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