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Hullo darlings. It's been a while. Let's not waste any more time, let's catch up. (You might want to grab a snack first, it's gonna be a long one!)

Uh, so where was I...  Française gown - check.
That dress was fabulous, and I wore it to Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France in Quebec city last summer, and it was a hit! I won a costume contest while wearing it. We had picnics. I was at the front of the opening parade.
Proof of it's fabooshness:

Taken inside Chateau Frontenac, in Quebec City.

By the pier

Having a little picnic by the pier

For more piccies of Fêtes de la Nouvelle France, visit my DeviantArt account
What else... I've been really busy with school, mostly, but in February, I made another dress from Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion I " - the 1745 Travelling suit. I had been eying that costume for a while, and it just so happens that I found a delightful fabric for it. There was quite a bit of drama around the fabric however;
The epic story: Found the fabric, fell in love (I work in a fabric store - go figure). The manager is the only one who can cut for employees, he wasn't there that day, so I put it on hold for myself. The next time I was in, the fabric was no longer on sale, but the manager said it would be on sale again the following week and gave me permission to put it on hold for myself until that time since I was buying the whole roll. Meanwhile, I had told a coworker my plans for the "The Travelling suit ".
The following week, I went to go look for the fabric in the back room, it was gone. The coworker says: "Hey, some lady just  bought some gorgeous fabric that would have probably worked quite well for your travelling suit..."
*I died*
Shortly after getting over that roller-coaster, uppety-stomach feeling, I asked her if there was any left, and she said there was only half a meter. Well... I lost it. I was really quite upset, and another co-worker asked me what the matter was. I told her the story, she said that was bullshit, and then told me it was probably the assistant manager who put it back on the floor, because she's a douche like that. The coworker approached the manager, and explained the situation; he called another store to locate the fabric, and the next day he went and picked it up himself from the other store. Not only was there more on that bolt of fabric, it was cheaper than it was during the first sale. BONUS!
</end epic saga>

The hat is a refurbished one, if you will. I purchased it last year and didn't know what to do with it, until now. I wanted to make a tricorn. The crown was too deep, so I cut it off, trimmed an inch and a half off, and stitched it back on to the brim. I then trimmed the brim, and stitched on two rows of antique lace to the outside, and antique metallic braid to the inside. I attached a lovely cockade to one side and tacked the sides up. Voilà!!

Here is that travelling suit (which I lovingly refer to as my "18th century snowsuit " lolz)
Photos by the talented Mike Arnold (aka "Chocomalk")

And even more recently, I've been absorbed by Retro styles. I've made SEVERAL retro outfits/dresses, only a few of which I have photographic evidence of. When the weather is nicer, I will get pictures of EVERYTHING. All at once.

A cotton safari-print dress with dupioni silk accents (worn, of course with my elephant earrings and cockatoo brooch!) 
A navy blue polyester dress with splashes of white dots
~ A black skirt (made with 3 meters of fabric all scrunched onto a delightfully wide waistband/sash) wi
th white cutout embroidery (does that make sense? yeah... it does)
~ And there's more to come! I've purchased two DELIGHTFUL cotton fabrics, one with some purple peonies on it, and the other is more of a reddish block print of flowers on a egg-blue background.

The navy blue dress (Retro Vogue #2787)

Yeah, so, a friend asked me if I wanted to dress up for the opening night of AIW - you bet I did. I dressed up as the White Rabbit. I also made an Alice costume for my friend Toria, and a Red Queen costume for Jack (girl). We had SUCH a blast!
Photos by CandyPants (link when she gives me one...)

Other stuff: Ottawa has an official Steampunk "Society" and they're first anniversary party is tomorrow night. I have a steampunk-ish outfit already, but I decided to add stuff. I've made myself a brown taffeta corseted tophat (pictures soon, I promise), a brown taffeta corset and an interesting neck-thinger made of lace collars pieced together.

Here's a picture of the existing costume; a flocked taffeta reproduction 1886 walking skirt, a cotton edwardian-ish shirt, a pleather bustier, a whole mess of brooches, some goggles, a utility belt with vials and a pocket for my pocket watch. The purse is a binocular box to which I affixed a strap.

I think that about does it for tonight folks! I will upload pictures when I get them, so be prepared for a photo-dump.
School is almost over for me... which means I'll be doing a heckuvulot of sewing. And hopefully documenting everything properly as well.

I leave you with one last photo

"La Chasse" 2010, Acrylic on canvas
by me
I dare you to try to decipher the meaning behind this one! Yes, it's a self-portrait, and of course I'm wearing an 18th century costume. Let me know what you think of my painting! I'm curious to hear your thoughts. 

Take care,
and *mouah* darlings!


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