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Purple sack-back française gown - Day 6, 7, 8 and ...

...Oh heck,  I stopped counting.
Well my dearies, it's been a while. I had given the dress a little break as I was too busy with school and whatnot. Then, it suddenly dawned on me that I had little over a month to complete it to have it finished in time for Fêtes de la Nouvelle France 2009.  *ACK*  Panic mode set in, and a week later, the dress is almost done.  Yay for panic mode!
So, here is a rundown of what's been done since last time;

  • Sleeve flounces were attached to the sleeves, then lace was attached.
  • Sleeves were attached to the bodice.
  • Taffeta-covered buttons sewed to the faux-stomacher, aka "compère" front.
  • Made eleventeen hundred meters of   #$%&*  ruched trim  (embroidered taffeta + frayed sheer fabric underneath).
  • Sewed some of the #$%& ruched trim to the faux-stomacher.   
  • Pocket holes were taken in a little, because they were too big.
  • Trimmed the back train, it was too long and kinda crooked (~oopsie!).
  • Improvised a lining for the bodice, sewed it all up together and sewed it to the bodice.
  • Made the petticoat.
                The sleeveThe "cpmpère" front, with ruched trim and buttons and a thousand pins (in white)Eleventeen hundred meters of ruched trim *faints*Closeup of ruched trim.
That about sums it up...
All I have left to do is:
  • sew the stomacher to the bodice;
  • attach some hook and eyes;
  • sew all that trim onto the bloody thing...
  • ....and onto the petticoat;
  • whipstitch the lining of the bodice to the dress;
  • Stay-stitch the "Watteau pleats" to the lining;
  • Celebrate like a crazy mofo because I may just finish this beast in time!
I will be bringing some dresses from last year to the festival, after checking them over to make sure everything is still in order. I'll have a couple new accessories, perhaps a new miniature portrait brooch or something *squee*

This year I have the good fortune of having being invited to stay at a friend's place in Québec city. This friend is also a costume fanatic, and will be going to the festival each day, which is terribly convenient. As a host gift, I plan on bringing him all sorts of goodies; I have some lace I want to give him, I want to make him a miniature portrait brooch of his very own (perhaps with hunting dogs, that would be so cute!), and a hand-painted fan by yours truly. Hopefully I can get all these things done on time.... I will try to post pictures as I get things done. Oh! I can't forget - a nice bottle of wine to top it all off (can't go to a Québecois' house and not bring wine  *tee hee*). Québec is really strict about the wines it imports and distributes, so finding an international wine there is really hard.
I truly and honestly can not wait to share pics with everyone. Cross your fingers and hope that we don't get rained out. Last year we had a couple days of rain - it really shortens your costuming week when that happens.

*mouah* darlings!
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