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Purple sack-back française gown - Day 3, 4 and 5

The dress is slowly progressing into something that appears to be somewhat wearable...
which is good news for me.
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm not working on this thing every day. And by "Day 1... Day 2..." etc,
I mean, the actual days that I've been working on the dress, not necessarily consecutive days.
I've been working on some of the details such as trim and whatnot. I also can't decide what else I will use for trim other than just the box-pleated doo-hickey. I plan on using lace somewhere, but perhaps a trim of scrunched-up chiffon with frayed edges might be cute underneath the box-pleated trim, and then a braided trim of some sort on top....
Day 3
  • Pleated and stay-stitched the caps of the sleeves
  • Sewed the back, sides and front of the bodice together
Day 4
  • Sewed the sides of the dress together
Day 5
  • Trimmed down the strips I had made for the box-pleated trim that will adorn the whole dress. They were much too big, and looked rather clownish.
  • Box-pleated two full strips (now I have two meters of box-pleated trim! Huzzah, huzzah indeed...)
  • Made the sleeve flounces, gathered them, sewed them together onto the sleeves.
  • Made the stomacher and covered a couple buttons with the taffeta.

Box-pleated trim - approximately 1 meter of it.


Pinked sleeve flounce all gathered up - that's what those long threads are for.

View of the lined stomacher piece. This dress will have a "compere" or false-button front. The taffeta for the stomacher is interfaced with fusible interfacing, then sewn onto a piece of canvas to help it keep a nice shape. It will eventually have a trim of box-pleated fabric to match the bodice, but I'm still deciding how I feel about the covered buttons. I think they blend in too much, but the description in Janet Arnold's book says that the buttons on the front are covered in matching fabric... we'll see. Perhaps if I could find some rose-colored pearl buttons, that would be really cute.



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