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Purple sack-back française gown - Day 2

German Magical flute opera music inspires me to sew...
Unfortunately today I didn't get as much sewing done as I was hoping. I did get to pin everything together however, and it looks super!  I did get back to the fabric store, and sure enough the fabric is long gone. I'll be looking for a fabric to compliment the embroidered one, as soon as I have the funds to do so. In other not-so-interesting news, I bought some thread to sew this weird-colored fabric. I chose a weird gray-ish purple, it seems to disappear the best. 
Here are some pictures of parts of the dress pinned up on my dressform

 I almost forgot! 
I bought some fabric last week... it's stunning. I plan on making some sort of long fitted tapered spring coat with an amazing colar with it, with the peacock on the back. I can't even imagine what kind of buttons I could put to compliment this thing. Either way,  *LURVE*

Click to view the magnificence in detail


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